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Special Offer for companies from outside Germany / Europe:

Let's bring your products to Germany / Europe

Europe is and will furthermore be one of the biggest markets of the world. Especially for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and other types of health care products Germany is the most attractive country. With a population of more than 80 million people Germany has the biggest markets within the European Union (EU). And the pricing level is higher compared to some other big European countries.

Therefore we are convinced that it still makes lots of sense to expand your business in/to Germany and/or Europe!

If you are you thinking about bringing your products to Germany / Europe
, we can help you. Before you start any activities we strongly recommend you to get a full overview on the market situation and on the legal requirements here in Germany / Europe.

Our offer to you is the following action plan:

Step 1 - First Evaluation
In the first step you tell us all about your company and your products and what you have in mind with your products, and we'll give you a first overview on the market situation in Germany and/or in the various European countries. We will also give you a first evaluation whether or not we believe there would be a market potential for your products in Germany / Europe. Dr. Risse likes to give you an open and straight-forward answer to all the relevant questions that should be asked before big investments are being made.

Step 2 - Feasibility Study
If you then agree to go on, together with you we are going to prepare an in-depth analysis of the market situation here in Germany / Europe. It contains a SWOT analysis showing you the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of your products and of your business concept in general. The outcome of step 2 shall be that you have all the information in your hand which you need for a go / no go decision on your expansion plans.

Step 3 - Identification of Business Partners
Then it is time to start the full activities. The next step for example can be the identification of potential business partners for you for sales and distribution of your products. Alternatively, we can assist you regarding opening your own subsidiary here in case this way doing business seems to be more promising.

Step 4 - Practical Help for your Operational Business in Germany / Europe
To Dr. Risse's experience, most companies interested in expanding their business to foreign countries are afraid of making too many mistakes in the beginning of their operational business in the foreign country. And in fact there are a lot of things to know. Therefore Dr. Risse Consulting likes to offer you more: Dr. Risse offers to accompany your business activities for quite a while and to help and assist you to overcome all the hurdles and difficulties that are usually there in the first months or years.

Has your attention? Then let us know you without obligation and to make an appointment.

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NewSpecial Offer for companies from outside Germany / Europe.